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Baby nail care set with UVC LED Sterilizing Device

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Baby nail care set with UVC LED Sterilizing Device

Baby nail clipper

High quality carbon steel material, after cutting, grinding corrosion, carbon steel plating and other more than ten processes, polished, durable.Fixed bolt ring to avoid falling nail head and being eaten by the baby.

Baby nail clipper

Baby nail scissors

Geometric large hole handle, the whole hand control, follow one's heart, children safety lock design, to avoid the baby accidentally hurt themselves, the details are intimate.

Baby nail scissors

Nose tweezers

Round nasal tweezers, easy to remove the baby's nasal cavity, navel foreign bodies, avoid harming the baby in the cleaning process, let the baby breathe freely.

Nose tweezers

Nail file

Scrub process, smooth nail edges and corners, neither wear fingertip flesh, nor scratch the baby.

Simple appearance, full of texture of the box body, giving more convenient, more hygienic nail repair, a box of all tools, sanitary and portable, easy access, can also be cared for at any time outside.

Small and delicate accessories, simple operation, fine workmanship, strict control, carefully do every detail, only to live up to the trust of mothers.

Nail file

The whole set

High quality design and fashion beautiful appearance, the perfect combination of product function and art, for the mother to take care of the baby's life to add new ideas.

The whole setThe whole set

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