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Guangdong Bestwings Marketing Department's Annual Travel

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Guangdong Bestwings Marketing Department's Annual Travel

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees and let them have more team entertainment activities and learning opportunities after work, Guangdong Baiying Marketing Center organized a 6-day team building trip to Harbin.

Group construction tourism said we go, let us use a vigorous way to travel north, say goodbye to this year's rush, good to meet December, the next New Year we work together!

The first station--Yabuli Ski Resort

To Harbin, we must experience a skiing, along the way to enjoy the thousands of miles of ice peaks, thousands of miles of snow floating north scenery, came to the AAAA Yabuli ski resort.


Let's take a sightseeing cable car through the forest and snow fields to enjoy the beauty of the frozen north!


The second station--Snow village of China

China's snow scenery in the northeast, northeast of the snow scenery to see the snow village!

Here is the highest mountain in Northeast China, the densest forest sea, the thickest snow, the cleanest transparent sunshine, the most simple life of Northeast people.


The third station--Snow and Happy Valley

"Rime hanging branches, thousands of miles of snow floating"

Ice hanging, rime, wildlife park... Walking through the thick snow, through the sea of snow, as southerners we know the original fairy tale in the snow country is like this!


The fourth station--City tour in Harbin

1. St. Sophia Church after the snow, will be filled with exotic atmosphere, and then take a group of "life photos", freeze the most beautiful picture in winter!

2. Centre Street

Central Street is a century-old street full of historical charm, step on a century-old "breadstone" here, enjoy the street full of European style.

On this trip, we can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also understand the local customs and culture.

3. Songhua River Binzhou railway bridge

Songhua River Binzhou Railway Bridge, Harbin locals call it the Railway bridge or the old River Bridge, is a century-old bridge, a strong historical heritage, our line of southerners instantaneously through to 1900!


Look forward to every departure

Meeting is fate, getting along is a rare fate, we can struggle together for a common cause, it is a fate of thousands of miles.

Maybe everyone knows the meaning of moving and unity, but this trip to Harbin group construction - saw a different everyone, saw the real everyone, saw a more cohesive everyone.

Through this group construction travel activity, not only enriched the spare time life of the employees, let everyone feel the warmth and care of the company, so as to better enhance the cohesion of the company, fully show the company's team spirit.

Looking forward to our next departure, maybe it will be more interesting.

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