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Guangdong Bestwings attended the Canton Fair, with love and profession help baby healthy growth!

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Guangdong Bestwings attended the Canton Fair, with love and profession help baby healthy growth!

From October 31 to November 4, 2023, the third phase of the 134th Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center for 5 days. Guangdong Bestwings was invited to participate in the exhibition, bringing many series of products to shine and escort for baby health care.

Guangdong Canton Fair

With the continuous development of global economic integration, the China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Canton Fair") has become an important platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to expand the international market, and buyers from all over the world will gather in Guangzhou to discuss the development trend of the industry and seek cooperation opportunities.

Canton Fair

The booth design of Guangdong Bestwings is mainly based on the theme of fresh and environmental protection green, so that the passing audience is bright, fresh and pure, every product displayed, every detail contains the unique style of Guangdong Bestwings.


In this exhibition, Guangdong Bestwings brought you a baby nail care series, baby health care series, parent-child complementary food series products, our products will be safety, function, texture and appearance level to the extreme, plus a meticulous professional, energetic team, by many on-site participants of the favored!

manufacturer of baby nail clipper

Guangdong Bestwings has been deeply engaged in the maternity market for 19 years, adhering to the purpose of "making products with high safety, high quality and high appearance level", providing high-quality OEM and ODM services for domestic and foreign brands, and is committed to providing safe and comfortable health care products for babies and children, building a solid shield for babies' delicate skin.

Guangdong Bestwings will work with each mother to protect every inch of the baby's new health, and accompany the baby's healthy and happy growth with love and professionalism.

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Our main focus is to create high safety 、high quality and high appearance level baby care products ,also provide OEM/ODM service for domestic and foreign brands,at the same time we has won the general customers trust and the support by the high quality product and high quality post-sale service




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