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BESTWINGS focus on manufacture baby nail care tools for over 19 years, has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with a number of retailers and agents all over the world.In recent years, BESTWINGS increase production line to manufacture baby feeding tools, committed to baby daily use products. So there are three series of products:BABY NAIL CARE,BABY HYGIENE AND HEALTH CARE AND BABY FEEDING TOOL.

Baby Hygiene and Health Care Series Products

Introducing our comprehensive Baby Hygiene and Health Care Series, a meticulously crafted collection designed to cater to your baby's grooming and well-being needs. This series includes:

1. Baby Brush and Comb Set: Gently groom your baby's soft locks with our specially designed brush and comb set. The ergonomic handles ensure a comfortable grip for parents, making bonding moments even more enjoyable.

2. Baby Haircut Scissors: Our baby haircut scissors feature rounded tips and a precise cutting mechanism, offering a safe and stress-free solution for keeping your little one's hair neat and tidy.

3. Water Thermometer: Ensure a comfortable bath time for your baby with our water thermometer. The clear display helps you maintain the perfect water temperature, promoting a soothing and secure bathing experience.

4. Illuminating Ear Pick: Illuminate ear-cleaning moments with our gentle, glow-in-the-dark ear spoon. The rounded tip ensures safety while effectively maintaining ear hygiene, making it a practical and comforting tool.

5. Nose Tweezers: Safely clear your baby's nasal passages with our gentle nose tweezers. The ergonomic design and soft tip provide a gentle suction, aiding in congestion relief and promoting better breathing.

Crafted from high-quality, baby-safe materials, our Baby Hygiene and Health Care Series prioritizes safety, comfort, and functionality. Elevate your baby's care routine with these essential tools, fostering a nurturing environment for your little one's health and happiness.




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Our main focus is to create high safety 、high quality and high appearance level baby care products ,also provide OEM/ODM service for domestic and foreign brands,at the same time we has won the general customers trust and the support by the high quality product and high quality post-sale service




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