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What we should know while buying baby nail clipper?

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What we should know while buying baby nail clipper?

The babys nails are gradually hardening, the mother will trim his nails from time to time, many mothers are used to cutting the babys nails with nail clippers, it is recommended that the mother best use the babys special nail clippers. Key points of purchasing baby nail clippers:

1. Safety

Safety is the first factor in choosing baby products. When choosing baby nail clippers, choose a high safety factor. Does baby nail clippers have any design to prevent fingernail splashes, and any design to prevent cutting to the babys fingers, which need to require careful observation and consultation. Do not use adult nail clippers to trim your babys nails, so that the nail clippers are too large or too sharp to hurt your baby.

2. Material

Some baby nail clippers are made from antibacterial materials, although the price is high, but also give the baby more security, it is recommended that mothers choose such nail clippers. Even if the nail clippers are not made of antibacterial materials, the mother also needs to see whether the nail clippers use inferior plastic, inferior plastic generally has an odor, the color is not uniform, the plastic has a granular feeling, and it is not smooth.

3. Grip position

The handle of the nail clippers should be easy for your mother to grasp. Some babies do not cooperate, the mother may need to hold the nail clippers for a long time to help the baby cut nails, if the nail clippers are not good, it is easy to let the nail clippers off the hand accidentally hurt the baby.

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