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What tool use for baby nail care?

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What tool use for baby nail care?

It is often see that some parents cut baby's nails by using household scissors or adult nail clipper on the internet or in daily life.

baby nail care

Household scissors has bacteria, easy to cause baby infection bacteria, and household scissors volume is relatively large, easy to accidentally scratch the baby, accidentally cut the baby's fingers and so on. There are also some parents who lack the knowledge of care and use adult nail clippers when cutting the baby's nails.

Adult nails not only have more bacteria, in the process of cutting the baby's nails is easy to cause the baby's finger infection, as well as the health of the baby, and ordinary nail clippers are mainly designed for adults, the knife surface is relatively wide, the baby is easy to use this nail clippers because of the wide knife surface and cut the finger.

baby nail care

Therefore,what tool use for baby nail care?

Baby nail scissors

baby nail care

The advantage of nail scissors is that the tip is small and thin, and the tip of the baby's nails can be clearly seen, which is easy to trim.

The top of the nail scissors is a blunt design, the edge is more smooth, the appearance is small, and the flexibility is high, even if the baby suddenly moves, it can largely avoid hurting the baby.

It is especially suitable for babies with soft nails within 3 months.

Baby nail clipper

baby nail care

Baby nail clippers are designed specifically for babies.

Not only is it easier to use than regular nail clippers, but it's also safer for your baby.

The biggest feature of the baby's nail clippers is that they are peaky, safe mouth design and unique arc design, which coincide with the baby's finger, and can be smoothly trimmed and formed at a time, which is not easy to hurt the finger, and is more safe and convenient.

Suitable for older (more than 6 months), nails have some hardness of the baby.

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