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Is it OK to Comb Newborn Hair?

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Is it OK to Comb Newborn Hair?

Absolutely! Combing your newborn's hair is not only safe but can also be a soothing and bonding experience for both you and your baby. Starting this gentle grooming practice early can help maintain a healthy scalp and encourage hair growth.

When to Start Combing Your Baby’s Hair

You can begin combing your baby's hair at any time. There is no set age to start this routine, but it’s essential to use the right kind of brush or comb to ensure a comfortable experience for your baby.

Choosing the Right Tools

1.Soft-Bristle Brush:Use a soft-bristle brush to gently smooth your baby's hair. Soft bristles are perfect for delicate baby hair and are gentle on the scalp.

2.Wide-Toothed Comb:A wide-toothed comb is ideal for managing tangles without pulling your baby's hair. The wide teeth glide smoothly through the hair, preventing snags and discomfort.

3.Round-Toothed Comb:Bestwings offers a variety of baby combs designed with round teeth to avoid scratching or irritating your baby’s sensitive scalp.

Benefits of Brushing Your Baby’s Hair

·Encourages Hair Growth:Brushing helps stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

·Maintains a Healthy Scalp:Regular brushing can help prevent cradle cap by removing dry skin flakes from the scalp.

·Relaxing for Your Baby:The gentle action of brushing can be soothing for your baby, providing a calming experience that helps with bonding.

baby comb

Bestwings Baby Combs

At Bestwings, we understand the importance of using safe and effective grooming tools for your baby. Our baby combs come in various shapes and are specifically designed to cater to your baby’s needs. Here’s why Bestwings baby combs stand out:

·Round Teeth:The comb teeth are rounded to ensure they do not harm your baby’s delicate scalp.

·Customizable Colors:You can choose from a range of colors to suit your preferences.

·Eco-Friendly Material:We offer combs made from sustainable materials like wheat straw, providing an eco-friendly option.

·Customizable Packaging:Our products can be customized in terms of packaging, making them perfect for personal use or as gifts.

OEM baby grooming kit


Combing your newborn’s hair is perfectly safe and beneficial for their hair and scalp health. By using a soft-bristle brush or a wide-toothed comb, you can ensure a gentle and enjoyable experience for your baby. Bestwings provides a range of baby combs that can be customized in terms of color, material, and packaging, making it easy to find the perfect grooming tool for your little one.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss customization options. We are here to help you provide the best care for your baby’s hair.

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