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The difference between baby nail clippers and adult nail clippers

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The difference between baby nail clippers and adult nail clippers

Features of baby nail clippers

Baby nail clippers as the name suggests are nail clippers designed for babie. Generally speaking, the shape is relatively petite, and it is designed as a safety nail clipper. The biggest feature of the baby's nail clippers is the safety clamp design and unique arc design, which coincide with the baby's finger, which is not easy to hurt the finger, and is more safe and convenient.

Features of ordinary nail clippers

Ordinary nail clippers are mainly designed for adults, the knife face is relatively wide, the baby is easy to use this nail clippers because of the too wide knife face and cut the finger. Baby nail clippers are generally blunt design, safer than ordinary nail clippers. Even if the baby has a sudden movement, it is not worried about being poked.

The difference between the two

1. The blade width of baby nail clippers is 80mm and adult’s is 120mm.

2. Adult nail clippers is larger than baby nail clippers, and baby nail clippers are more suitable for kids, easy to cut their nails.

3. In terms of sharpness, baby nail clippers are weaker, and if they are too sharp, they may hurt the baby. Adult nail clippers are much sharper.

4. In the case of baby nail clippers, the jaws are rounded, which can reduce the risk of injury to some extent; Adult nail clippers are pointy and less safe than baby nail clippers.

Therefore, for babies, it is better to choose a professional baby nail clipper, which can help them trim their nails and ensure their safety.

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