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Brand story of BEST-BB

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Brand story of BEST-BB

Best-bb was born in 2016 and is a subsidiary of Guangdong Baiying industry and Trade Co.,Ltd.Professional baby nail care brand,founded by Ms.Liang Jie.In the early 1980s, in the small town where Ms.Liang Jie grew up, a mother often used tailor scissorsNail repair for their children. At that time, there were no nail care products for infants and children on the market.Tailor's scissors have large appearance and longblade, which often hurt children's delicate skin.This scene remained in her memoryuntil she became the mother of two children, hoping toProvide the most gentle and safe care for delicate babies. Therefore, she is constantly trying and searching. Through 12 years of exploration and insight into the mother and baby marketEstablished the best-bb brand,hoping to give the baby the ultimate care with the most gentle and delicate love.

The process of product development and brand establishment means there is a market for niche products, and almost everyone is growing up from a child to the stage of parenthood.Now more and more young parents pay attention to the "exclusive" products for babies and children, for example, tableware has exclusive, bath products have special, so baby and child special nail care products have also been widely accepted, no longer need to share with adults, or use the small size of adult, but have in line with the different stages of baby and child nail growth characteristics of trimming care products.

After nearly 20 years of development, BESTWINGS has helped a number of baby brands to expand the baby nail care product line, making the concept of baby nail care widely recognized.



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