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3 Pcs Ceramic Knives Set

This 3 pcs ceramic knife set includes kitchen knife,peeling knife and chopping board used in the kitchen to prepare a fresh meal.
Product Description

This 3 pcs ceramic knife set includes kitchen knife,peeling knife and chopping board used in the kitchen to prepare a fresh meal.


▶【Sharpener than stainless steel knives】These ceramic knives are made of zirconia, and their hardness is second only to diamonds. They are much harder than stainless steel knives, and their sharp blades are ten times longer than steel knives. Unlike steel knives, ceramic knives do not need to be re-sharpened regularly.

▶【Lightweight knife】Although ceramic knives are harder than traditional steel kitchen knives, they are also lighter. In fact, the weight of these ceramic knives is half of most metal knives. In addition, our knives have an ergonomically arched non-slip handle that provides you with excellent grip and control when cutting boneless meat, bread, fruits and vegetables. You can hold it with wet hands

▶【Not easy to rust】 The ceramic knife set has unique characteristics that make it resistant to oil and acid. They will not rust, so they are particularly suitable for cutting meat, vegetables, fruits and bread. They will not absorb any food elements to affect the taste.

▶【Various uses】A sharp and practical kitchen knife is suitable for various cooking purposes, including slicing, dicing, and chopping. Use them to cut fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, steak, cheese, etc., but never cut bones or frozen foods. So as not to damage the blade

▶【Multifunctional Kitchen Combination Set】Each knife is covered by a protective cover to prevent accidental cuts. Equipped with an elegant gift box, it is an ideal gift for mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother or any special occasion.


1:Keep it away from children.

2:Don't cut hard food, such as frozen things, bone.

3:Avoid heat or shock.

4:Do not drop off the knife from high.

5:Don't use dishwasher to clean it.


Product Name

3 Pcs Ceramic Knife Set




Can be customized


Bubble bag+colorful box/can be customized

Carton size/QTY




Sale mold


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