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An Easy-to-Follow Method for Cutting Babies' First Hair

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An Easy-to-Follow Method for Cutting Babies' First Hair

When it comes to giving their child their first haircut, most parents are excited. Still, infants may get agitated and restless when getting a haircut. They could also experience anxiety when getting a haircut. As a result, cutting and trimming newborn hair requires patience as well as training. It is crucial because if you ran a pair of sharp haircut scissors or a buzzing trimmer over a baby's head, they would not sit still. Furthermore, a less competent hairstylist may put infants in greater danger of injury.

You could find all the information you need about a baby's haircut in this post. A few pointers to ensure a fun and safe experience are also provided.

When Is Your Infant Eligible for Their First Haircut?

The amount of hair on your baby's scalp will determine this. The majority of babies lose their hair in the first few months after birth, and then permanent hair grows in. It is best to give your child their first haircut after their first birthday because this procedure takes some time.

After your kid is seven months old, you can trim their hair to give them a cute and adorable look if they feel that their hair grows too quickly and irritates them. They can sit unassisted at this age, so you can put them in a high chair and conveniently clip their hair at that age.

Can You Complete It on Your Own?

Yes, you are capable of cutting your baby's hair. The infant has to be at ease and not fussy, and you need to be patient and kind. In order to make the task of haircutting easier for you, you should also always have all the necessary tools on hand, including a brush or comb and cutting utensils. Also, since your child does not require a trendy haircut, try not to worry too much about the little details.

Seek out a hairstylist with experience and patience if you want them to trim your baby's hair. To guarantee they have ample time, schedule the appointment in advance.

Haircut scissors set

Is it Better to Cut Your Baby's Hair Damp or Dry?

Depending on your baby's reaction, yes. When getting their hair clipped when it's dry, some babies get annoyed. Before you start cutting hair, it's okay to mist it with water. To accomplish this, lightly mist your hands with water, then softly stroke the baby's scalp with your fingertips.

Simple Steps to Cut Your Baby's Hair With Scissors

If you plan to use scissors to cut your baby's hair, you can attempt the following procedures:.

1.Gather all necessary instruments in the same place

Make sure you have everything you need in one location before you begin cutting your baby's hair. If you have to constantly run to grab your tools mid-haircut, your child can become restless.

You can also allow your infant to play with their favourite toy while you trim their hair by keeping it close at and. Another option is to enlist the assistance of a family member to divert your infant's attention.

2.Ensure the baby is happy

For your infant to sit still in one spot, they must be content and in a good mood. Make sure your infant is eating enough and is not feeling grumpy or tired. If your infant plays best or is generally quiet during a certain time of day, then it is the best time to cut their hair.

3.Turn up some tunes

Prior to beginning to trim your baby's hair, try to keep them entertained. While you dance, play some music and hold them in your arms. Converse with them. Maintain their interest. Show them the towel and comb you're going to use. You could even give them a sugary treat to instantly cheer them up.

brush and comb

4.Proceed cautiously and slowly at first

You can proceed with these instructions once they are happily seated, ideally in a high chair, with a clean cloth wrapped around their torso.

To begin, mist their heads with water to wet their hair. If your infant objects, you may moisten your finger and run it through their hair. You can cut the hair dry if it's not very thick.

Comb their hair gently, then take a small amount between your fingers and begin cutting it off piece by piece. Make the cut as close to the fingers as you can.

After the first few repetitions, pause and see if your toddler responds to the sound of the scissors cutting. Proceed with cutting into little portions if they appear fine. Cut in little, horizontal slices as opposed to chopping huge portions at once.

After cutting the back hair, use the same procedure for the sides. To keep your kids from getting upset, check for hair on their faces after a few snips and wipe it off.

Using the same method, you can begin cutting the crown region after the sides. Don't trim too much if you're unsure about how it will appear. To make sure the hair stays out of your child's eyes, only minimal trimming is necessary.

If the haircut doesn't appear flawless, don't worry. Eventually, with practice, you'll get it right.

5.Make the area clear

When you're finished, gently remove the old cloth and clean away any hair that may have become lodged in the baby's shoulders and neck. Sort the papers you spilled onto the floor and throw them away in a bag or envelope. In order to remove any hair that has become lodged on your child's body, give them a warm bath.

Read books about haircuts or have conversations with older babies and toddlers to get them ready for haircuts. They will be more relaxed and at ease during the session, and they will know what to expect.

baby haircut scissors and comb


It's normal for your baby to be fussy and maybe cry for a little while during their first haircut. But you have to be patient all the way through. If you are certain enough of your abilities to perform the task, you can trim your baby's hair yourself. To simplify the process, though, you must make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand. If necessary, you can also ask your partner for assistance in taking care of the infant. If you think you can complete the process, read over the stages in this post and give it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does a baby's hair get thicker after shaving their head?

There is a widespread belief that shaving a baby's head promotes hair growth and strengthens hair strands. But there isn't any scientific evidence to support this theory. According to hair specialists, heredity determines the thickness, length, and quality of hair, and shaving the head has no effect on hair growth. Only professionals or experienced individuals should shave, making sure that the right tools are used safely. Additionally, any cuts should be handled carefully, attended to with first aid, and, if necessary, presented to a physician.

2.What is the significance of infant hair cutting?

Cutting a baby's hair is entirely voluntary. In many cultures, a baby's first haircut is done for religious reasons. Additionally, some parents think that shaving hair may promote thicker hair growth. Some parents choose to trim their baby's hair because they feel self-conscious about its length. A baby's hair cut will offer them a new look and expose them to new sensory experiences that may benefit them in the future. It is also seen as a significant developmental milestone for the infant.

3.How long will it take for baby hair to regrow after the first haircut?

After a haircut, infant hair grows at a different rate, depending on heredity. On the other hand, most parents notice that hair usually begins to develop after a month.

4.How can I determine whether my child is ready for their very first haircut?

When a baby is ready for their first haircut, there are no set guidelines. Generally speaking, a baby who has a lot of hair at birth will probably require a haircut sooner than one who is bald or has thin hair. You can cut your baby's hair if it's getting in their eyes or causing them other problems.

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