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All the Things You Need to Know Before Cutting Your Baby’s Hair

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All the Things You Need to Know Before Cutting Your Baby’s Hair

The first haircut for a baby can be quite important. But usually, you won't have to take your child for their first haircut until after they turn one.

This post will show you how to cut them at home if you wish to do so. Before you cut your baby's hair for the first time, consider the following tips on how to cut infant hair:

Determine Whether to Cut Your Baby's Hair

For us, our infants waited until they were older than one to get their first haircut. Before turning one year old, my eldest kid was completely bald; even then, he just had a small amount of baby fuzz. On the other hand, my youngest kid had a full head of hair when he was born, and I couldn't bear the idea of shaving it all off. We held off on getting him his first real haircut until he was older, but he did require a trim around his first birthday to get his bangs out of his face.

Every infant is unique. Generally speaking, though, your infant won't require a haircut until after their first birthday. Babies with irregular tufts of hair or long hair that has grown past their eyes are an exception to this rule. Your baby's hair will grow more evenly and look better overall if you trim the uneven hairs. Just keep in mind that it won't accelerate the growth of the baby's hair.

Decide How You Want to Cut a Baby's Hair

It's crucial to decide how you want to style your baby's hair before you even start to question how to trim infant hair. Are you giving them a full cut or just a trim? Do you want to use baby haircut scissors, trimmers for your baby's head, or both?

Searching for various baby haircuts and determining what supplies are required can be helpful. Generally, longer hair—that is, hair that hangs down or covers your baby's head—is cut using scissors. They may also come in handy if you wish to trim your bangs. The greatest trimmers are those that give you an equal cut against the scalp. You may achieve a variety of hair lengths by using different guards, and if you'd like, you can make the back and sides shorter than the top. This also allows you to experiment with your baby's hair length.

Prepare the Salon Area

You'll need a "salon" where you can cut your baby's hair if you plan to do it at home. Hard flooring makes for the ideal workspace because it makes it simpler to vacuum up hair after you're done. At-home hair cutting can be untidy.

For the most part, you should cut your baby's hair while they are in their highchair. The simplest method for keeping them seated straight is this: With scissors by their heads, the last thing you want to worry about is them dropping.

Another item you'll need is something to occupy your child's time, such as a beloved TV program. Making sure they will remain still during their haircut is imperative, particularly since you will be cutting around their sensitive ears and head with scissors. If it won't get in the way, you can even give them food or their preferred toy to play with.

After getting everything ready, you should get the supplies you need to trim your child's hair,including comb,haircutt scissors and thinning scissors.

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Make Sure the Baby Is Ready

When it comes to getting your kid to rest, timing is important. It's not a good idea to get their first haircut in a hurry or right before a nap. Instead, decide on the time of day that will probably make your infant happiest. They ought to be fed, rested, and changed recently.

Setting the tone is another way you may assist. Your baby's haircut is a significant deal, so celebrate it. Exude joy and provide an explanation of your actions. Since babies are very attuned to social cues, your positive outlook will benefit them.

Always Be Ready for Anything

Regarding their first haircut, every baby is unique. Some people are simple to amuse. The sound of the comb and scissors fascinates others. Some babies may even become frightened and begin to thrash about. Be prepared for whatever response your child may give you. Anticipate them to move and show awareness of their actions. You'll be able to back off in case your youngster decides to move unexpectedly and avoid injury.

Above all, you should always remember to be patient and adaptable. Wait until you can settle your child down again if you start and they are too fussy. If your infant just will not stay still, you can also try getting a parent or grandmother to help you or going to the hairdresser.

How to Use Scissors to Cut Baby Hair?

You should now be prepared to cut the first piece. Wet your baby's hair with the spray bottle first. It should be slightly wet, but not drenched. Next, take a tiny portion of your baby's hair and pick it up with the comb. Pinch the hair between your middle and forefinger to grab it. Withdraw it from the head and place your fingers above the desired cutting location. Above this place, make a cut that falls between the tips of your fingers and the hair. Once you're done, stop working on that piece and move on to the next one.

Remember that you want your baby's hair to mix in unison for a pleasant appearance. Rather than cutting straight across the hair, cutting at an angle will make it blend in easier. Some baby websites have various video lessons that might help you see how to cut infant hair if you need assistance with this. Cut a tiny portion at a time; if you cut too much, there's no turning back, but if you decide to shorten it more later, it's readily accomplished.

After completing this stage, you should make cuts around the neckline and ears. Make sure you do this with the utmost caution.

Make sure to take a lock of your baby's hair before you soak it if you want to save it. This will keep it from becoming wet and perhaps developing mold or mildew when you store it in a baby book or envelope.

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How to Use Trimmers to Cut Baby Hair?

Before using the trimmer, you should use the scissors to snip any infant hair that you plan to maintain. It's easy to smooth out the hair when you're cutting, so don't stress too much about where you make the cut.

You can either use scissors for the top or trimmers for the sides and back of your baby's head. It depends on your preferences and the kind of hairstyle you want for your child.

Guards or guides are included with hair trimmers to assist in achieving an equal length. Longer comb guides typically have greater numbers allocated to them. By longer, they imply it will stay in the hair. Choose a longer length at first if you are unsure of what would suit your infant the best. If, when you're done, you decide you want it shorter, you can always go over the head again.

After attaching the guide to the razor, press it up to your child's head and move it in different directions. Getting an equal cut throughout is the aim (or in the region you are working on).


It is not necessary to rush your baby's first haircut. It's preferable to wait until after the first birthday unless your infant has very long hair or irregular hair growth.

Hopefully this post has taught you how to cut infant hair so you can do it when you're ready.


1.Will your baby's hair grow faster if you cut it off?

Your baby's hair will not grow faster if you trim it. The rate at which your baby's hair grows is inherited. They are also in charge of your baby's hair's color, texture, and wavy or straightness.

The main purpose of parents cutting their hair short is to promote the even growth of newborn hair. Nonetheless, there are several effective methods for accelerating newborn hair growth.

2.Is it okay to cut your child's hair at home?

If all you are doing is giving your infant a trim or trimming the uneven areas of their hair, there's no reason why you can't cut their hair at home. Of course, there's no reason you can't take them to a salon if you don't trust your skills. Hair salons even feature chairs that resemble TVs or airplanes that your children may watch. If you or your child are nervous about getting their first haircut, this can be a suitable option.

3.Will your child's curls disappear after their first haircut?

Concerned that their child won't have curls, some parents postpone getting their newborn's first haircut. Genetics determines the type and level of curl in your baby's hair. The curls at the end of new growth that are straight may disappear following a haircut. Your infant will still have curls if the new growths are likewise curly.

4.What should you do if your kid is afraid of getting a haircut?

The hair on your child belongs to them. Although a haircut is known to be painless, it can nonetheless be frightening for infants and young children, who may see it as a part of themselves being chopped off. Make every effort to ensure your infant is comfortable. If you believe it will help, bring along a favorite toy to help them get used to what's about to happen. To prepare your infant for the "salon," you can introduce them to it at home or at the barber's.

Having your child observe someone else get a haircut could also be beneficial. It's okay to have your parents or an older sibling help. If that isn't a possibility, you may also locate a lot of haircutting videos online to help your youngster understand what's going on.

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