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How to relieve baby nasal congestion?

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How to relieve baby nasal congestion?

Neonatal nasal congestion how to do? Baby nasal congestion will make TA very uncomfortable, and even cause newborn hypoxia, which brings adverse health, let's see how to deal with it!

1.Dredge the nasal cavity

If it is caused by nasal secretions, you can use a cotton stick to pull out the secretions; If the secretions have dried, you can use a cotton swab dipped in water to smear the baby's nostrils, the secretions become soft, you can pull out.

2. Use hot compress method

Through the method of hot compress the nose to smooth the baby's nasal cavity, because the nasal mucosa is contracted by heat, the nasal cavity will become smooth.

3. Change the baby's position

If the baby's left nasal congestion to the right, the right nasal congestion to the left, so that the nasal congestion can be reduced, you can also hold up vertically when the baby's nasal congestion, but also to reduce nasal congestion.

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Neonatal nasal congestionNeonatal nasal congestion

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