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How to clean baby’s ears?

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How to clean baby’s ears?

Everyone has earwax,a moderate amount of earwax is healthy, so most of the time, ear cleaning is not needed. But if your baby experiences wax buildup in the ear canal, it is important you know how to safely clean his ears.

Cotton swabs are not safe to use on infants or young children. In fact, from 1990-2010, ear cleaning was the most common cause for a child in the United States to be omitted to the emergency room for an ear injury.

More than 260,000 children were affected. Most commonly, these injuries involve an object stuck in the ear, perforated eardrums, and soft tissue injuries.

Leave anything inside the ear (the part you can’t see) alone. Injury to the eardrum, hearing bone, or inner ear can all cause long-term health complications for your child.

The safe and easy way to clean ears and remove ear wax is using flashlight earpick. This conveniently designed Flashlight Earpick made by BESTWINGS is very useful for ear cleaning as the built-in LED light helps to remove ear wax safely and easily,the soft spoon head can’t hurt baby’s ears. It can also be used as a novelty flashlight torch at night.


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