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Which Is Better for Babies: Baby Nail Clippers or Baby Scissors?

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Which Is Better for Babies: Baby Nail Clippers or Baby Scissors?

Regular nail cutting is a necessary task for you when caring for your infant. Baby nails develop quickly and erratically. Babies occasionally cause themselves harm by scratching themselves with nails. Observing scratches on your child's face is unsettling. Baby nails should be clipped to prevent scratches and stains.

When cutting your baby's nails, the best tool to use is one that doesn't result in any mishaps. This applies to both baby nail clippers and scissors. Because they make it possible to see how much length you are going to cut, scissors are preferred by some mothers in order to prevent accidents.

Are There Other Means to Cut Baby Nails?

Perhaps you've tried using scissors and nail clippers, but you haven't had much luck with either. Using your teeth is another method for cutting the nails of your infant. Although infant nails can retain a lot of dirt, this method isn't the healthiest one, but it works for many mothers.

Your baby has delicate nails after being bathed. Without hurting your baby's fingers, you can use your teeth to make little cuts in the nails. Since there are fewer instances of pinching your baby's skin, using your teeth can help you prevent bleeding nails.

Nail Clippers vs. Nail Scissors

When it comes to trimming a baby’s nails, both baby nail scissors and clippers can be used effectively. However, there are a few factors to consider before deciding which option is better for your baby.


Baby nail clippers often come with a rounded tip, making them safer to use on delicate baby skin. This reduces the risk of accidentally nicking or cutting the baby's fingers. Scissors, on the other hand, may have a sharper tip, which requires more caution during use.

safety newborn baby nail scissors

2.Ease of use

Baby nail clippers are specifically designed for cutting infants' nails, making them easier to handle and maneuver. They often have a comfortable grip and an ergonomic design, making the task more convenient for parents. Scissors may require more precision and control, which can be challenging when dealing with a squirming baby.

3.Nail thickness

Some babies may have thin and soft nails, while others may have thicker and tougher nails. Baby nail clippers are generally more suitable for softer nails as they provide a clean cut. Scissors, especially those designed for babies, can also work well for thinner nails. However, if your baby has thicker nails, using a baby nail clipper with a sharper blade might be a better option.

4.Personal preference

Ultimately, the choice between baby nail clippers and scissors can come down to personal preference. Some parents find clippers easier to use, while others prefer the control and precision offered by scissors.

Regardless of the tool you choose, it is essential to take precautions while trimming your baby's nails Ensure good lighting, keep a steady hand, and take your time to avoid any accidents. Additionally, you can consider filing the nails instead of cutting them, especially if your baby's nails are soft and don't require a significant trim

When Are Babies Allowed to Use Nail Clippers?

You can begin using nail cutters on your infant if their nails have grown too long; this also applies to newborns.

In fact, it's not uncommon for newborns to have quite lengthy fingernails and toenails, and their nails develop far more quickly than those of adults. In comparison to adults, they are also softer, more flexible, and grow more unevenly. All of this can result in a baby having long, jagged nails if they don't get frequent trims.

We've all seen how easily babies, especially newborns, may scratch themselves as well as other people because they lack full arm and leg control. Seeing a newborn scratch their face when there's nothing you can do to stop them makes me very sad.

3.baby clipper

How to Cut Baby Nails Safely?

With the assistance of their partner or another adult, some parents will find it simpler to cut their baby's nails. While the other person concentrates on cutting the nails, one person can hold the infant and prevent them from wriggling.

Choose a spot that is comfortable and has enough light. This could be a bed where the infant can be laid down or a chair where you can hold the baby in your lap. Some parents attempt to trim their infant's fingernails while they are asleep.

Ensure you have the necessary supplies and are ready. Use special baby fingernail clippers in place of adult nail clippers. For safety, the tips of baby nail scissors are rounded and dull. Moreover, use a babyproof emery board if you're using one. By accident, a metal emery board could harm your baby's delicate skin. Your baby won't need an emery board if you cut their nails short enough.

Use special baby fingernail clippers in place of adult nail clippers. For safety, the tips of baby nail scissors are rounded and dull.

Some parents might find it more pleasant to use an emery board instead of baby clippers. While it will take longer, some parents feel more secure doing this. It's crucial to exercise caution, though, so as not to file down too much and sever the baby's delicate skin.

Using your nondominant hand, steadie your baby's palm and finger while using your dominant hand to cut with the baby scissors.

As you finish the cutting, you can use soothing sounds like singing or talking to your infant to help them relax. Newborns often ball their hands into fists while they are awake. Try to soothe your infant as much as you can. After-bath time is an excellent time to trim an infant's nails. The baby usually seems calmer and has slightly softer nails after bath time. Put some mittens on the baby and try again later if they are very stressed. A toy can divert an older baby's attention.

While you cut, press down on your baby's finger pad to leave some space between it and their fingernail. Continue making tiny, brief cuts above the white nail line. Make a straight cut across the toenails. Nails might have a slightly rounded edge or be straight across. Making a straight cut might aid in avoiding ingrown nails. Use an emery board to round off any jagged edges after cutting.

The silky toenails of a newborn baby frequently curl over the toe. This may make it difficult to determine the end of the nail. Proceed cautiously and make small cuts at a time. Maintain routine nail cutting to prevent toenail curling.

Finally, use a clean cloth and tepid water to remove any dirt from under your baby's nails. On the unlikely occasion that the baby scratches their face or someone else, this stops bacteria from spreading. Maintain a consistent nail-cleaning schedule when the infant is bathed.

Some parents believe that by biting their child's nails, they may exert more control. However, this can infect the youngster with an infection from your mouth. Additionally, because you are blind, you run the risk of biting your child unintentionally or creating nails with sharp edges.

baby nail clipper in stock

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I use my teeth to cut my baby's nails?

Although some recommend cutting your baby's nails with your teeth, it's vital to understand the risks. While there could be benefits to this approach, there are also possible disadvantages. For instance, you could unintentionally bite your baby's skin, which could be uncomfortable and even harmful. You also run the danger of spreading bacteria from your lips to their sensitive skin.

2.How can I cut my baby's nails without cutting into their skin?

Take care not to cut your baby's skin too close with the nail clippers. Give the nail a gentle clipping and reserve a tiny portion for filing. A magnifier that is included with nail clippers allows you to enlarge regions that are difficult to view.

3.Where is the ideal angle to cut nails?

When cutting your baby's nails, the best angle is the one that allows you the easiest access and still allows you to grasp their hand firmly. The position you choose may change depending on how mobile and old your baby is. Placing your baby's hand on a level surface or holding it gently while they are comfortable and peaceful are some good postures.

In Summary

The best option for you and your child should be considered when choosing between baby nail clippers and scissors. Whether you like scissors or infant nail clippers, the usefulness of each item depends on your own preferences.

It's important to note that some people might find it difficult or ineffectual to use either tool, which would prompt them to look into other options like utilising their teeth. However, because of possible hygiene and safety issues, you should be careful when using your teeth.

If you want the best results from your selected instrument, you might want to consider cutting your baby's nails when they're asleep. This can smooth out the procedure, increase safety, and lessen the chance of abrupt moves. Ultimately, the secret to taking care of your baby's delicate nails is to put safety, accuracy, and comfort first.

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