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What should I use to cut my baby's hair?

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What should I use to cut my baby's hair?

When the baby wants a haircut, some parents will take him to the barber shop, but in fact, the barber shop tools are often not disinfected, and are shared by many people, it is easy to infect the baby with bacteria. Therefore, the parent may wish to give the baby a haircut in person according to their own preferences and enjoy parent-child time.

However, it must be noted that hairdressing equipment needs to be selected for the baby. Scissors should be used rather than a razor, because the razor will leave invisible scars on the baby's delicate skin. In addition, the newborn is sensitive to the vibration of the current, so it is recommended that parents use traditional barber scissors to repair the baby's hair, so that you can grasp the "sense of proportion".


Advantages of BESTWINGS haircut scissors:

1. The design of the product revolves around the appearance of "baby" : smooth ABS smooth handle, safety design with lock, excellent mold details, no drape and glue feeling.

2. A newborn's scalp is tender and sensitive to vibration. Traditional scissors are easier to handle.

3. The hardware part breaks through the international traditional 6 hours 6 level corrosion resistance test, and BESTWINGS’s new process can pass 18 hours 10 level.


Shaving a baby’s head with an actual razor can be dangerous, as babies rarely stay still during a haircut and are wiggly little clients.

They have softer heads, as their skulls are not fully formed, so using a razor, or pressing too hard with clippers, is not the best idea. Be gentle during their first few haircuts.

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