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How to choose tableware for baby?

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How to choose tableware for baby?

Generally speaking, baby complementary food tablewares are based on applicability and safety , fully reflecting the characteristics of children: small and exquisite, not afraid of falling, not brittle, bump in the rough edge, etc., the baby can use it safely.

So when the baby begins to add complementary foods, or the baby begins to grab the adult's tablewares, and clumsily send food to his mouth, parents should consider choosing a set of children's tableware for the baby.

In the purchase of food tableware, tableware material is the most important to parents, they are most worried about whether the tableware material contains harmful elements, such as lead, etc., and ordinary consumers are simply unable to distinguish whether the product is safe and sanitary, like ordinary plastic tableware because of high temperature disinfection and easy to adhere to oil dirt and bacteria, will harm the health of the baby.

Good complementary food tableware can greatly enhance the baby's interest in eating, cultivate the baby's hands-on ability, in the baby about 1 year old, began to take the initiative to use the spoon to send the rice to the mouth, or by the parents to teach the spoon to send the rice to the mouth, then the size of the tableware, length, weight if it meets the needs of the baby, the baby can easily use, which is conducive to training the baby's hands-on ability, Promote the flexible movement of your baby's fingers to balance your baby's physical coordination.


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