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How Do You Cut Your Baby Hair?

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How Do You Cut Your Baby Hair?

It's undeniable that both the parent and the child find it intimidating to take their infant to get their first haircut.

Either your baby is gifted with an abundance of hair from birth or they are blessed with none at all, so you won't need to rush to trim your baby's hair very soon.

We've discovered through experience and conversation with kids' hair stylists that cutting a baby's hair can occasionally be less stressful than cutting a toddler's. A baby's natural awareness increases as they get older, so you'll need to use additional strategies to divert their attention when cutting their hair.

We'll go over some parenting advice today to help parents of young children get through their first haircut more easily.

The Ideal Time to Trim a Baby's First Hair

It's not a myth that your baby's hair will grow in different directions around their head, giving them an extremely asymmetrical haircut. There will come an occasion when it will be evident that your infant needs their first haircut, regardless of whether they have thin or thick hair, a cradle cap, or even bald areas.

A baby's first haircut may be necessary for some sooner than for others. It will take longer for the hair to grow out uniformly if you put off cutting all the various lengths.

If your kid has delicate, wispy longer hair patches that you have been holding onto so tightly, cutting or shortening these areas will give the remaining hair time to grow and catch up. Everywhere else, even the smallest trim will encourage hair growth.

Some parents may discover that their infants have thick hair that needs to be styled; thus, it's sufficient to tidy the baby's hair around the face, neck, and ears to make it appear presentable.

It's commonly said that a newborn should get a haircut before turning one, and it's probably true that hair needs to grow in some places after the initial trim. It ultimately boils down to personal preference and how committed you are to watching the newborn's hair develop, so there's no obligation to cut your baby's hair this short.

haircutting scissors

How to Cut Your Baby's Hair?

When using haircut scissors, a different method is employed than when using clippers. However, the initial procedures and the majority of additional materials will be the same.

1.Sooth your baby's anxiety

Children may sense when someone else is under stress. This also holds true if you're experiencing anxiety or nervousness. For this reason, it's critical that you settle your own anxiety before bringing your child into the room.

Consider it a thrilling moment! Their first haircut is this one! Should inhale deeply a few times. If you're anxious, go slowly at first. It's okay to make a slight buzz with clippers or snip with scissors. This will make it easier for you and your child to realise everything will work out.

2.Take a seat and take up position

As you place your child in their booster seat, make sure they are engaged. Play a movie for them, give them their favourite toy, etc. It is best if they are busy before you begin.

3.Place a rag or a cap over their shoulders

This is where you will catch the chopped hair. Little ones move around a lot, and it might be difficult to keep a towel in place; thus, a cape is perfect. To attempt to keep some of the hair off as well, you can also drape a towel across their shoulders.

4.Brush their hair

Gently comb through their magnificent hair to get rid of any tangles. Since the hair of babies is delicate and short, this should not take too long. This stage is finished when there are no more tangles.

The procedures for clippers and scissors are a little different once you comb their hair. For example, if you're using clippers, you don't want to wet their hair. The clippers will clog more easily with wet hair than with dry hair.

6 in 1 baby haircut scissors set

Cutting Your Baby's Hair With Scissors

Most people would rather use scissors to trim a baby's hair. If you're just giving them a fast trim, are a first-time clipper user, or just don't want their hair too short, this is the recommended way. Additionally, scissors are typically simpler to use.

1.Focus on one small section at time time when hair is being cut

Avoid soaking the baby's entire head of hair in one go. Instead, concentrate on a narrow area. Once you have finished a section, go around the head again, repeating the previous procedures with a new section.

2.Dampen hair before trimming

Hair that is damp is easier to cut with scissors. Just give the hair a few quick sprays with the spray bottle to make it moist. Then give it one final comb.

Recall that you do not need to saturate your entire head. Working on one part at a time is all that is required. When you reach the other side of their head, the hair will be dry if you get all of their hair wet.

3.One tiny bite at a time

Once you've combed their hair, take it between two fingers and trim the very ends with gentle pressure.

It's crucial to keep in mind that wet hair grows longer, so you shouldn't cut it too short. Rather, trim it approximately one inch longer than desired. When it dries, it will be this long.

Trim the hair one inch at a time. Later on, you can simply trim it off if it's still too long. Cutting it too long is preferable to cutting it too short.

Proceed in the same manner around the remainder of their head. Just wet a portion, comb it out, cut the ends off, and proceed to the next.

baby haircut scissors set

Cutting Your Baby's Hair With Clippers

If your child is not afraid of them, clippers are a little simpler to handle than scissors. They don't need the hair to be wet beforehand, and they don't require the same meticulous sectioning that scissors do!

1.Comb your hair

The hair of your child comes first. The clippers will become stuck if their hair is tangled or has food in it. They will then tug on the hair, which could injure your child.

2.Employ a longer guard first

Start with a guard that is longer than usual. For instance, use a three to cut their hair if you were planning to use a two. For a last trim to achieve the ideal length, you can switch to a two if you'd like it a little bit shorter.

3.Transfer the clips in every direction

Be sure to move the clippers in all four directions when cutting your child's hair. There will be stray hairs that are longer than the others if you don't.

You may achieve a smooth and uniform cut by using the clippers in multiple directions while cutting hair.

Cutting Boys' Hair vs. Girls' Hair

Trimming a boy's hair is not that different from trimming a girl's. It will take something, and maybe someone else, to keep both genders occupied.

A girl's hair is often longer; therefore, scissors are best for cutting it short. Since a boy's hair is often shorter, unless you're just trimming off the longer curls in the back, using clippers is recommended.

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