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A Step-by-Step Guide to Safely Cut Baby Nails

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Safely Cut Baby Nails

Some new parents have never considered cutting their baby's nails before. It may feel like an impossible and frustrating task. Fortunately, you should be able to complete the task without any issues if you have this tutorial and a pair of baby nail scissors with you. For a detailed explanation of why it's important to trim a baby's nails, as well as advice on how often to do it and other topics, continue reading.

Why Trim Baby Nails?

Babies might easily scratch their faces or eyes due to their lack of motor control. Infants are incredibly flexible, and during the first few weeks of life, they are unable to control their arms or legs. A newborn can avoid injuring themselves by having their nails clipped.

Even if your baby seems to have soft and flexible nails, they could nevertheless injure themselves with them. The possibility that your child may unintentionally scratch you with their nails is another worry. Learn when and how often to cut your baby's nails to protect both of you.

Ingrown nails can also be avoided with routine clipping. An ingrown nail has the potential to cause severe discomfort and infection. A trip to the doctor's office is necessary to treat an ingrown nail in a baby.

When to Begin Trimming Newborn Fingernails?

The nails of babies develop fairly quickly, and before you know it, they can become ragged and pointy. It could be time to clip your baby's nails a few days after you get home from the hospital. A baby's nails are so fragile at this age that you may easily pull the tips off. For the first few weeks, you can also have the infant wear mittens if you are having problems doing this.

Your baby's interactions with the environment and their clothes frequently cause their nails to organically deteriorate. But you'll soon need to move to baby nail cutters as their nails become stronger. In order to keep their baby's nails neat and at a safe length, many parents also decide to use a nail file.

baby nail clipper

How Often Should You Trim Newborn Nails?

Your baby's nail growth will determine how frequently you need to trim them. You might be surprised at how swiftly they grow in the first few weeks. Nail clipping may be necessary for newborns many times a week. You won't need to do more than a weekly or semi-weekly nail trim once they reach a few weeks of age. The growth of toenails is slower than that of fingernails!

How to Safely Trim Baby Nails?

With the assistance of their partner or another adult, some parents will find it simpler to cut their baby's nails. While the other person concentrates on cutting the nails, one person can hold the infant and prevent them from wriggling.

Choose a spot that is comfortable and has enough light. This could be a bed where the infant can be laid down or a chair where you can hold the baby in your lap. Some parents attempt to trim their infant's fingernails while they are asleep.

Ensure you have the necessary supplies and are ready. Use special baby fingernail clippers in place of adult nail clippers. For safety, the tips of baby nail scissors are rounded and dull. Moreover, use a babyproof emery board if you're using one. By accident, a metal emery board could harm your baby's delicate skin. Your baby won't need an emery board if you cut their nails short enough.

Use special baby fingernail clippers in place of adult nail clippers. For safety, the tips of baby nail scissors are rounded and dull.

Some parents might find it more pleasant to use an emery board instead of baby clippers. While it will take longer, some parents feel more secure doing this. It's crucial to exercise caution, though, so as not to file down too much and sever the baby's delicate skin.

Using your nondominant hand, steadie your baby's palm and finger while using your dominant hand to cut with the baby scissors.

As you finish the cutting, you can use soothing sounds like singing or talking to your infant to help them relax. Newborns often ball their hands into fists while they are awake. Try to soothe your infant as much as you can. After-bath time is an excellent time to trim an infant's nails. The baby usually seems calmer and has slightly softer nails after bath time. Put some mittens on the baby and try again later if they are very stressed. A toy can divert an older baby's attention.

Portable Baby Nail Care Kit

While you cut, press down on your baby's finger pad to leave some space between it and their fingernail. Continue making tiny, brief cuts above the white nail line. Make a straight cut across the toenails. Nails might have a slightly rounded edge or be straight across. Making a straight cut might aid in avoiding ingrown nails. Use an emery board to round off any jagged edges after cutting.

The silky toenails of a newborn baby frequently curl over the toe. This may make it difficult to determine the end of the nail. Proceed cautiously and make small cuts at a time. Maintain routine nail cutting to prevent toenail curling.

Finally, use a clean cloth and tepid water to remove any dirt from under your baby's nails. On the unlikely occasion that the baby scratches their face or someone else, this stops bacteria from spreading. Maintain a consistent nail-cleaning schedule when the infant is bathed.

Some parents believe that by biting their child's nails, they may exert more control. However, this can infect the youngster with an infection from your mouth. Additionally, because you are blind, you run the risk of biting your child unintentionally or creating nails with sharp edges.

What If You Cut a Baby's Finger?

Don't freak out if you cut your baby's finger. Using some sterile gauze, press the wound until the bleeding stops. Usually, the bleeding will end rather quickly. After that, wrap the wound with sterile gauze and rinse it with lukewarm water. Babies love to put their hands and feet in their mouths, so avoid giving them bandages since they could choke on the dressing. Take your child to the doctor if the cut worries you.


Cutting your baby's nails can seem like a difficult undertaking. If your infant is struggling and you are self-conscious, you might be worried about inadvertently hurting them. To prevent itching, infections, and potential ingrown nails, it is crucial to trim a baby's nails.

Get a pair of baby nail clippers and settle in for this little job. Because a baby's nails grow quickly, you'll need to cut them frequently. You'll gain experience and grow more at ease with the procedure over time.

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