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How often to cut your baby’s nails?

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How often to cut your baby’s nails?

The baby is in a flourishing period of growth and development, and the nails grow at an average rate of 0.7mm per week, which may lead to these consequences if not trimmed in time:

1. Long nails are easy to harbor dirt, breed bacteria, and become a source of disease. Babies who like to eat hands are easy to chew off their long fingernails and bacteria are eaten into their bodies.

2. Babies love to scratch everywhere with their hands, and long nails can easily scratch their delicate skin.

3. Some babies like to clench their small fists, and if the nails are too long, they will leave deep pinches in the heart of their palms and make them feel hurt.

4. The baby is lively and active, and the newborn's nails are thin and soft, once the long nails are broken, and even fold into the meat, and serious may also hurt the skin of the fingers.


Therefore, the mother should often trim the baby's nails.

How often to cut baby’s nails?In general, your baby's fingernails should be trimmed 2-3 times within a week. Don't ignore the toenails, the growth rate of toenails is slow, generally 1 month to trim 1-2 times. Of course, each baby's situation is different, the appropriate length of the nail is the tip of the nail and the tip of the finger or slightly shorter.

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