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How to cut baby’s nails?

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How to cut baby’s nails?

Pay attention to the timing of nail cutting

First, it is recommended to trim the baby when he is sleeping, when he will not move, it is easier to trim the nails, and it is not easy to hurt him;

Then, the parents hold the baby's small hands, the baby's fingers are separated, first cut the middle of the nails, and then trim the two sides;

It is recommended to trim the nails into a rectangle that is flush with the fingertips, the top is straight, and the white edge is left about 1mm, remember not to cut into a triangle or circular arc. Do not cut the nails too short, especially on both sides of the nails do not trim too deep, so as not to cause onychia, or even paronychia.

baby’s nails

After cutting your nails, be sure to trim them. Freshly cut nails have sharp edges, so use a nail file to smooth the edges gently.

Nail clipping is constructed in the following situations

If the baby has barbs next to the nails, or the nails are not completely cut, do not forcibly pull out, it will hurt the surrounding skin, use nail scissors to trim it off;

If there is dirt or foreign matter under the baby's nails, do not use toothpicks, dental floss and other sharp objects to pick, you can clean the nails with water after cutting.

At the beginning to cut the baby's nails, parents may be a little nervous, afraid of cutting the baby, do not worry, after a few times of natural practice can make perfect, I believe that every mother can easily cope with the heavy responsibility of cutting nails.

And when cutting nails, we should choose repair tools suitable for babies, such as baby nail scissors, small and thin knife head, can clearly see the baby nail tip, easy to trim, or baby nail clippers, safety clamp mouth design and unique arc design, just match with the baby's finger, can be smoothly trimmed and formed, not easy to hurt fingers, more safe and convenient.

baby’s nailsbaby’s nails

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